Our Story

Aromatherapy practice and teaching naturally found my mom and business partner, Joy Watson.  In 1984, she was working as a massage therapist at a wellness Spa where she was first introduced to essential oils. Her teacher was Anne Roebuck who had opened the Aromatherapy Institute, the first school for aromatherapy in North America. It was not long before my mom noticed the results with aroma massage exceeded the benefits of regular massage.

Since then, essential oils became an integral part of her practice, led her to start a business in the field, and they were also a staple in our families first aid kit.  My introduction to essential oils was In 1986 when my mom made me pregnancy blends using mandarin, geranium & sandalwood essential oils to help prevent stretch marks. The blend worked and my daughter was born with perfect skin, which I attribute still to this day to the oils. However, for me, it wasn’t until 1989 when I had pneumonia that I experienced their true potential firsthand. Although, I had enjoyed the aroma and use of the oils, as a nurse, I was still skeptical of their therapeutic properties. However, after 2 failed rounds of antibiotics and having lost 20 lbs, I found myself unable to get out of bed to look after my daughter so I called my mom in desperation. She quickly came to  Toronto to visit me and with her essential oil first aid kit to treat me. Within a few days I was out of bed and able to resume care of my family thanks to daily massages with a blend that included lavender and frankincense. The immediate benefit the essential oils had were undeniably remarkable.

Interest from clients and fellow massage therapists lead my mom to begin teaching workshops and then after joining the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) Joyessence was created in 1996. I completed my training with Joyessence in 2000 and introduced aromatherapy to the hospital where I worked as part of our wellness program for the staff. As an occupational health nurse and clinical educator my transition from the hospital to Joyessence was a natural fit.

With her many years of working as a clinical aromatherapist my mom knows what works and what doesn’t. She shares her vast knowledge and practical experience with our students and graduates. She is an incredible mentor and together we are dedicated to providing our students with the latest research-based education focusing on the safe and effective use of essential oils.

My eldest daughter Laura May is also a Joyessence graduate and has travelled extensively around the globe. She now works for the Public Health Agency of Canada and in her spare time she works for Joyessence as my teaching assistant. We are proud to have 3 generations of aromatherapy experience and health care knowledge to share with our students.