What Our Students Say

Thank you soooo much for everything. My Joyessence training and now practice has changed me professionally, personally and physically. God bless both of you and all that you do to change and improve lives. Your legacy Joy lives on through all of your practicing students and graduates.
Shawn Panio CAHP-AM
Courtice, ON
I’d like to thank you and Joy once again for the lovely week we spent together! It has been a wonderful experience for me both in terms of learning and experiencing aromatherapy from the new perspective, and our discussions and interactions with the two of you were most valuable. I feel like a new person after coming back 😊​
Olena Vitvytska CAHP-AM
La Prairie, QC
Joy and Julie have been an amazing and loving teachers. Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge and experience in Aromatherapy. That is not something you can learn from a textbook. I love all your courses, which I couldn't resist to complete all of them 🙂 I'm proud to be a graduate of Joyessence!!
Cecilia Huon CAHP-AM
Mississauga, ON
Hi Julie, Wow, I'm elated to have achieved this mark, thank you so much!!

Thank you also for your feedback on my research paper, and yes, I would be honoured for you to add it to your resource centre.
Diane Brough CAHP
St.. Albert, AB
I did not have any difficulty in understanding or applying anything from the course because it was very well structured in a smooth and professional way & it covered a wide range of topics that I wanted to learn about. I also want to say how helpful & professional Dr. Chadi Abi Ghoson was. I'm extremely grateful for his continuous support.
Farah Mahdi CAHP
As a 36 year old mother of three girls, I feel privileged to acquire expert knowledge from this highly respected school. The support and guidance from Julie and team has been exceptional.

I am really happy and humbled to receive this good news. Thank you again for the resources and support.
Ema Mary Wanijku Njuguna CAHP
Kenya, Africa
Hi Julie, I just want to say thank you again for taking the time to explain the course in person. This was a special touch that other programs don’t offer and I just want to say I really appreciate the time that was taken!
Annie D
Gore, QC
Thank you Laura May! It has been such a pleasure to attend Joyessence. The wealth of knowledge I’ve gained has been astounding! You have gone above and beyond for me and I am so very grateful for it! Many more doors have opened…and who knows, maybe you’ll see me again for another course in the near future! Thanks again to everyone!
Melanie Gagnon CAHP
Brampton, ON
Yay!!! Thank you so much!! I have enjoyed this and haven't challenged myself like this for so many years. I will definitely keep up the learning. I’m so grateful for your course, and Laura May gave such great critiques! Wow, so you are third generation amazing woman!
In kindness,
Jae Caputo CAHP
Calgary, AB
"I graduated from Joyessence in June 2011. I am so grateful for the course and the support that I received. I was referring to my text book from today as I prepared notes for a yoga studio Wellness afternoon where I am presenting this weekend. The topic is Concussion. I have a growing number of clients who come for Aroma Massage. I enjoy the energy of giving the treatment and I thrive on the creativity of deciding what wonderful e/o to use for the client's specific needs. I have started presenting classes for people to learn how to create their own blends and products. This is a lot of fun too!" http://riverbendessentialoil.com/
Anne Quast CAHP-AM
North Bay, ON
"Thank you so much for the wonderful news. Yes, please feel free to share my research paper with other students. I tremendously enjoyed taking the aromatherapy course. It has truly been an enlightening experience. Your daughter Laura May has graciously provided me with excellent feedback on the thirty aromatherapy cases as well as the research paper.

Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. Shukran jazeelan.
Tarek Halabi CAHP
South Barrington, Illinois
"I am the owner and operator of Pure Essence Spa + Aromatherapy. A small home based Esthetics business where I incorporate essential oils into my everyday services. This course provided me with so much more then I expected and I would recommend it to anybody who’s looking for more - to add to or just for personal knowledge, best of luck." http://www.pureessencespa.com/
M. Laughlin CAHP
Cavan, ON
My experiences while taking my courses at Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc. has been positively exceptional. I am very grateful for the teachers, Joy and Julie, who always offer great supportive and informative communications and directions of professional knowledge. Other wonderful qualities are their patience, encouragement, helpfulness and devotion. They are truly invested in their students education and successes. I am very thankful with much appreciation.
Anne-Marie Lee CAHP
Pembroke, ON
It was really fulfilling course prepared deeply but not having unnecessary details. I took module 1&2 together which made more sense to me. When I entered the exam, I became so confident during the examination as I saw how the course had really cover lots of subjects deeply. The course improved my deep knowledge about essential oils including some specific and important details that I can’t find anywhere. I’m so satisfied as I spent time for this course and now as a clinical aromatherapist I’m looking forward to take other courses such as reflexology to deepen my field. Thank you Joy, Laura and Julie again. Glad to meet you🙏 I can honestly suggest Joyessence courses if you really would like to be professional about essential oils.
Sümeyra Ozdemir CAHP
This school changed my life!! Joy and Julie were the most amazing teachers a person could have asked for to learn such an amazing discipline - I felt supported and guided the whole time. I was able to take a break from my course when life got in the way, and easily register again to finish. The digital aspect of the course is so well done and exceptionally organized. The week I spent with Joy and Julie (and a small, intimate class of students) completing my hands on massage training is a memory I won’t soon forget.
K. Traganitis CAHP-AM
Newmarket, ON
"I just wanted to extend a thank you to you both for an incredible week. To say it was transformative would be a gross understatement 😉 I have walked away not only with the confidence to dive deeper into my journey as an Aromatherapist, but also with a group of beautiful ladies that I'm sure will be life long friends. It was an experience I will never forget! Thank you for giving us the confidence to jump in and start helping people right away."
Iroquois, ON
Thank you so much for all your help. I am delighted to know that I passed and successfully finished the course. And yes, it will be my pleasure for my paper to be added to your library. Again, thank you for giving such a wonderful course and hope we can keep in touch:)
North York, ON
"I love Julie & Joy and the experience of Joyessence. Learning, laughing and growing in a safe friendly atmosphere. Plus, with my busy lifestyle being able to study at home and do the Anatomy exam on-line at my pace was wonderful. Everything about Julie and Joy is incredible. Thank-you for this life changing experience. My approach is centred around love and compassion with an understanding that everyones journey is unique." http://www.christaroyal.ca/
C. Royal RRPr
St. Marys, ON
" Can’t express how much I love your course. The information you share from experience and the books you recommend are fantastic!! I have learned so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
M. Barclay CAHP
Brampton, ON
"I wish to personally thank you once again for all your understanding, support and guidance along this amazing path of learning I have had over the last 2 years. You have opened up a door of hope, beauty and such reverence for Mother Nature’s natural gifts to me and your guidance (and patience) has been so appreciated. I feel so very blessed for your gift of learning and on a personal level, “healing” to me as well, and look forward to taking on the world with a new sense of empowerment to help others and myself through this amazing realm of essential oils!  "
J. Green CAHP
Brampton, ON
"Thank you so very much for all your help and guidance and teachings.  It is so very much appreciated.  I am so happy I am in tears.  I am truly looking forward to contributing to everyone's health.  
Blessings to everyone at Joyessence."
A.M Lee
Pembroke, ON
"Thank you for your guidance (I’m sure patience too!) throughout the last year and a half. This course was a brilliant start to a lifelong journey."
R. Ormstrup
"Thank you for everything Joy! Truly an enlightening and enjoyable experience. As I said, I would not have wanted to do the courses with anyone else, but with you as my teacher. I'm so happy to have completed the courses and have my certification!"
F. Conte
Toronto, ON
"I have received my course material and am loving it! It's laid out so nicely. Easy to follow and I love the personal touches. I haven't been in school in 11 years and was a bit nervous, but not once I started reading through the manuals."
J. Gallacher
"When I came across Joyessence I became excited - could I actually do this and my Yoga full time at 52 and not have to go back to working for Corporate Canada again. Could I compete with the youngens again and study on my own even??? So..... I would wake up at 3:30 am typing my Case Studies or working away at assignments. So not me....!!!!! When I received your query about putting my presentation on Aromatherapy and Recovery in our Newsletter I had to read it twice. ME REALLY? And then my mark and all the studying that went into making my Certificate a reality. I am honoured to have studied with Joyessence. I plan on visiting the school and perhaps taking Massage at a later date.."
R. Williams
Lynden, ON
"I have been an avid researcher of mental health and wellness after dealing with years of struggle myself. This pursuit led me to Joyessence at the age of 17 when other options were exhausted. Completing the program made a huge difference on my ability to formulate products and gave me the knowledge required to continue to help myself and others. Thank you for a wonderful program." http://www.mentalalchemywellness.com/
H. Hagen CAHP
Hamilton, ON
"I am so grateful to Julie & Joy for the courses they offer and the community they have built for the students. Taking the aromatherapy course actually helped me to transform my life and complete a full career change. I left my corporate job to work my business full time. I'm so thankful for the friends I've made through Joyessence school. Thank you so much for helping me to learn and grow as a person and in business. I am forever grateful for the life changing transformation." http://www.reviveaswellness.com/
A. Sussex CAHP-AM
London, ON
"I just wanted to quickly reach out to you to let you know that I have started Module 1 and I AM LOVING IT!!! It is so packed full of information and I love how your wisdom and expertise comes through in the lessons."
L. Salisury
Georgetown, ON
"You have been a great part in my success! Thank you so much for all your help! You are an amazing teacher and coach!"
N. Boudreau
Moncton, NB
"Your books are very systematic, well organized and have interesting details. I like that."
R. Puri
Mississauga, ON
"I am excited for the future. You have been the best teacher I could have asked for."
L. Babuglia
Welland, ON
"I have referred some people to you. I hope they called. You were a very awesome and supportive teacher. I am grateful that I found your course. Reflexology and essential oils have become very popular recently and I think that trend will continue."
M. Trkulja
Hamiton, ON
"I'd like to say how much I love this package of well organized straightforward information. It has truly been a pleasure learning from your notes that are comparable to a well written novel!"
T. Altieri
Russell, ON
"A big thank you for all your help, teachings and support. You are a great role model in the world of aromatherapy. I just hope to keep up with half of your energy."
L. Arsenault
Wellington, PEI
"Thank you for providing the most amazing course I have ever taken."
S. Wickler
Beeton, ON
"Having done the course the way it is - I can't say I would change anything. There is perfect balance and structure and it is evident great thought has gone into the planning of the course. I couldn't have asked to be taught and guided by a better teacher. Lucky are the students who come to Joyessence! A friend, a mentor and teacher all rolled into one!"
S Sequeira
Mississauga, ON
"I want to mention that the homework assignments were very clever on your part. They have made a huge difference in how I think, and between that and the bodywork, they have accounted for about an 80% increase in my confidence level. You know what you’re talking about, and you certainly know how to teach ! Thank you."
D. Purser
St. Catherines, ON
"The course was perfect for independent study. I liked how the information was organized in both modules. I also appreciated Joy's quick response to all my questions."
A. MacKenzie
Montreal, QC
"The course is easy to understand and interesting. It made me feel like I was in a class with Joy all the time."
S. Cueller
Edmonton, AB
"Thank you for your support. If it weren't for your kindness and gentleness I may not have finished. I really appreciate your good nature. Thank you again."
M. Trkulja
Hamilton, ON
"I didn't know anything about essential oils prior to this course, and now I feel that I could talk about them all day. Very interesting."
H. Scott
Okotoks, AB
"I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic and informative week! I really enjoyed my time in Guelph. You are quite an excellent and patient teacher! I truly appreciate all your guidance."
V. Schroeder
Windsor, ON
"Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn from you. You have been a wealth of knowledge and I very much enjoyed this course. I hope to follow in your steps and make aromatherapy a life long passion."
J. Gillman
Morinville, AB
"It clearly is a great program because I was really nervous about the exam but did very well! I thought the layout was pretty great and I loved the test questions at the end of the chapters."
H. Nodello
Windsor, ON
"Your course is fantastic, really laid out well and to have the Anatomy and Physiology colouring book in combination is brilliant. Cheers!"
L. Camilleri
Toronto, ON
"I am amazed at how organized the information is, and really like the notes from you at the start of each lesson. It gives it a personal touch. Thank you for this great course. "
D. Herring
Harrisburg, ON
"Thank you so much again for your help and advise over the past year, I have had nothing but fun with this course! I am so grateful for all I have learned. Thanks again!!!!"
A. Lalonde
Kemptville, ON
"Thank you very much again. I feel so excited!!! Let me tell you I have learned to admire you, through your manuals and fast answers. I think you are a very ethical, kind and caring person. I am so glad I got to know you this little and to have learned so much, you opened the door to continue learning. Thank you."
M. Soledad
"Dear Joy, there is no words to describe my gratitude for this course!!! Thank you so much, don't ever stop teaching......Love, Light and Laugh from Biljana."
B. Scholes
Toronto, ON
"Thank-you so much for everything, I have had a wonderful time in your program, learnt so much and feel 100% ready to go out and provide a fantastic service."
M. McAslin
Brantford, ON
"Thank you for designing such a wonderful, interesting and comprehensive course, Joy. You have been a wonderful instructor….very gentle, kind, caring, encouraging, and supportive. I have learned a huge amount this past year, and I am very grateful to you. I feel as if I have finally found my true path….a holistic path that helps others and that also feeds my heart and soul."
S. Lake
Millbrook, ON
“It was a lovely week of learning for me, and I’m really glad I went ahead with the bodywork component of the course.”
J. Mather
Vancouver, BC
“Thank you for a wonderful week! I have learnt a lot from you and enjoyed your company, and that of my fellow students – it was a great class to be with. Joy, you are a great tutor and I am so happy that I chose your course and got the chance to learn from you.”
M. Molnar
Halifax, NS
“Thanks for everything Joy. I found the course to be very interesting and challenging. You are a great teacher!!!”
L. Kent
“I am so grateful for finding you and the fact that you offer such an affordable and informative course. I have truly enjoyed every minute of it and I plan on recommending you to anyone I meet interested in Aromatherapy. You are a blessing, Joy.”
T. Overholt
“Thank you so much for the amazing massage course. It was wonderful.”
D. Dunn
“I am very grateful to you Joy because your course has been fantastic, in depth and very detailed, I have learnt so much. I know there is a lot more to learn and if you do any other courses this way please please let me know.”
K. McCabe
S. Africa
“I began working in the complementary / holistic health and spiritual fields in 2000 and had always hoped to incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy into my work. In 2017 the timing was finally right for me to do so so I searched carefully for an aromatherapy course that would suit my needs and chose Joyessence! I adored the course and the material itself, learned tons (still learning more everyday too), had a blast doing it and graduated the course in 2018. My love for and learning of this work has continued to grow and everyday doing it is special! Joyessence is a wonderful school and a great thing to be a part of! Happy learning, Melinda. http://www.intuitivemew.ca/
M. Whitehead CAHP
St. Thomas, ON
"The learning experience with Joyessence was an incredibly fulfilling experience from beginning to end. What I learned in modules 1 and 2 gave me the confidence to work with others in the health care profession. I travelled to Ontario for the bodywork course and after a few days of giving and receiving the massage I knew that it was essential for me to make the bodywork a part of my practice and lifestyle. I love giving this massage because I feel rejuvenated and calm after giving it. Aromatherapy has become a passion and a lifelong educational journey that was inspired by Joy and her informative course. Thank you Joy!"
M. Selders
Calgary, AB
"This course has improved my quality of life, my health and my self-esteem. It made me knowledgeable enough and secure within my inner self to open a business... The bodywork course gets 5 stars! Hands on learning is my style. It was easy, comfortable not stuffy, and the teacher was kind, patient and smart. I made friends for life in that class. Joy is understanding and really wants us all to be the best at what we can be."
M. Goetting
Castlegar, B.C.
"This has been one of the most interesting and challenging courses by mail I have had and I have learned so very much. I want to thank you for that."
D. Barber
Birmingham, Alabama
"You are an awesome teacher. You answer questions well and clearly so that I understand and you are always prompt with answers. Thanks."
D. Frank
Cambridge, ON
"Thanks again Joy - the course was so in-depth, I really feel that your course is the best for anyone wanting to learn about aromatherapy."
K. Robertson
Banff, AB
"This course was so much more than I expected. It opened a door to another world. Thank you for your knowledge, your patience, your inspiration. I am truly grateful."
K. Peters-Millman
Orangeville, ON
"After completing the course I am now working as an Aromatherapist in a Physiotherapy Clinic and loving every minute of it, The course was both challenging and rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone. I'd also advise not to miss out on the bodywork portion and the chance to meet Joy and her husband Pete. My clients love the massage and I had a wonderful time learning the techniques and making lifelong friends in the process."
A. Goodyer
Mallorytown, ON
"Thank you so much. Your aroma massage and your aromatherapy lessons open a new exciting and wonderful world for my life and clients. I don't feel that I am taking a correspondence course but feel like I'm having a private course in aromatherapy. Your course and textbooks are even better than the college where I saw the teacher directly."
C. Justin
Welland, ON
"I want you to know again how much I love this course."
S. Fields
Maberly, ON
"Thank you so much for the awesome experience training to do aroma massage this summer - it was really enjoyable and rewarding. This whole program with you has been a very positive and rich experience for me - thank you very much!"
J. Allen
Tara, ON
"I have learned so much by participating in this course and as always become the better for it."
M. Meulman
"I've enjoyed every minute of the educational and massage parts of the course. Very enlightening, very informative."
D. Young
Gardners, PA
"I have enjoyed being your student, especially the week I spent at your house last year to learn the bodywork."
M. Lafferty
Belleville, ON
“Over all I loved it! I learned a lot and try to pass it on so others can enjoy it too!”
C. Edson
Langley, B.C.
“I felt that this course left me with a fountain of knowledge so vast that I am able to assist people in their healing processes mentally, physically and even spiritually. You have touched me Joy in many ways. I found you and your school at a time when I was only giving lip service to ‘I can do and be anything I wish’. Thank you so very much.”
C. Pascal
Miami, FL
“It is great to have someone like you so dedicated and offering your knowledge through distance education…thank you.”
L. Babin
Elliott Lake, ON
“I would highly recommend this course. It gives extensive information for those serious about practicing holistic aromatherapy.”
L. Crawford
Detroit, MI
“I found the course wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but I was very enthusiastic. I enjoyed learning all about the essential oils and their uses. Joy you were great with email correspondences and I don’t regret choosing your course at all.”
J. Dalisay
Hamilton, ON
“Your course is very informative and well presented. I would definitely recommend the course to others. You were a great teacher as you were always available with great explanation. This showed that you were very interested in the knowledge of your students. Thanks.”
M. Paul
Mississauga, ON
“Let me tell you how thrilled I am with the course. I find it so interesting I hate to put the book down. I actually feel renewed in spirit to have such a strong desire to learn about this and hopefully be of benefit to others. It has been some time since I felt a sense of purpose and direction in my life. I am really happy that I chose your course because I can see you put a lot of thought into how to present this information in the easiest manner to learn.”
V. Teat
Cambridge, ON
“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course. I found it very challenging and it contained a great deal of info. I’d say the hardest part for me was learning all the botanical names. That took a lot of time and effort. I really enjoy being able to provide an Aromatherapy massage for someone as it is so beneficial. The oils are wonderful and very soothing. Thank you so much Joy.”
S. McLean
Waubaushene, ON
“It’s pretty amazing to me the number of times I turn to essential oils to help with a problem these days. I’m so pleased with the knowledge I’ve gained and the opportunity to keep working with aromatherapy. Thanks for everything.”
E. Pearlstine
Cooper City, FL
“Well laid out and easy to follow. It is a challenging and informative course. It has really “perked” my interest to keep learning more. Very enjoyable."
D. Davidson
Thornton, ON
“I loved it – it changed my life. Joy you are an amazing teacher – with a wealth of experience and knowledge. You made the information easy to understand and reference. I certainly learned from you in your writing but the in-class time was definitely the most beneficial. I am better for knowing you and learning from you – thank you so much!”
D. Evans
Thamesford, ON
“I have talked to a lot of other people about their certification programs and yours seemed to be a little more detailed and harder but I am glad it is the one I chose. Your school does have a wonderful reputation and I am glad to be part of it.”
D. Molinari
Briarcliffe Manor, NY
"Joy, thank you for all the feedback and encouragement over the last year. I have thoroughly enjoyed your class - your pormpt responses and guidance made the distance between us a non-factor. I feel more equipped than ever to go forward into a career in aromatherapy. I am very glad that I followed my instinct and signed up for your course among all of the others from which I could have chosen."
E. Anderson
Riverside, California
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this course. I am enjoying it very much and find it such a pleasure to read and learn. I find myself flipping through it all the time and making and trying all sorts of ideas for my family and friends."
M. Jackson
Windsor, ON
"It's been a lot of work - but I've learned so much - I also feel like there is so much more to learn that this is just the beginning!"
S. Camp
Saranac Lake, NY
"I was a little overwhelmed at first - found doing it by correspondence a little lonely. But you were very quick to help out when I emailed you so I didn't feel stranded. I really started enjoying it the most when I did the case studies. Again, I thought it was well written and clear and you were really easy to communicate with. The price was great too."
Y. LeFort
Toronto, ON
"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying the course especially since I am able to employ what I have learned so far into my other modalities. I thank you for a concise, hands-on, easy to follow course. Your passion for your work shows in the lessons and materials."
C. Pascal
Miami, FL
"I'm still really enjoying the course, had a chance to look at one from BC here and found it insane with overload information which in a short course is impossible to digest. Am so glad I chose yours instead. Thanks."
C. Riopelle
Gold River, BC
"I have accomplished new knowledge and know about the essential oils and their therapeutic values, understand about the human body structure and have a strong basic knowledge to start my new career as an aromatherapist. You are very nice and helpful. Your course is affordable and up to high standard."
C. Hamamoto
Okinawa, Japan
"My business is going well and I am so happy that I took this course. Thanks again."
K. Webster
Greenwood, Nova Scotia
"I felt the course was great. You took me from A to Z. I appreciate your assistance through internet very much. Thanks again for teaching me aromatherapy, which has indeed changed my life."
T. Torres
Slovenia, Europe
“I truly appreciate your openheartedness, willingness to let us explore, as well as a well-designed program so that we can establish a firm foundation to build on. Although I miss being in a real live classroom setting, your prompt and helpful replies are making my learning experience fulfilling and enjoyable.”
L. Meera
Brookline, MA
“Joy, thank you so much for this well organized and inexpensive course. I have to say it is really worth the money. I have learned so much from you. Thanks again.”
M. Chiang
Calgary, Alberta
“I felt the course was very informative and covered all of the areas that I had questions on. I was able to work at a comfortable pace of learning.”
J. Elliott
Dundalk, ON
“I wasn’t sure which course to go with but I feel this course helped teach me as much as a more expensive school.”
J. Maguire
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania
“I can’t thank you enough Joy for your patience and understanding and help in getting where I am today by sharing your knowledge and your passion of being an Aromatherapist. I can’t wait to finally meet you.”
N. Mitchell
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
“I found Module 1 to be highly detailed and love your personal input. The process has been both enjoyable and flexible. I look forward to the next step,”
D. Johnson
Jewett City, CT
“I am grateful for all the prompt help I received, for all the helpful comments and the very kind encouragement I received from you, Joy.”
B. Canning
Collingwood, ON
“Thanks again for making me be better than other less demanding teachers would of! Bless you!”
S. Hodges, LMT
Henderson, NV
“I liked the addition of energy work including instruction on the chakras. You are an excellent instructor with a wide body of knowledge which you share willingly with your students.”
C. Laird
Guelph, ON
"I'm just writing to thank you so very much for everything you have done. You have so much faith in me and it means a lot to me. Thanks again for helping me out so much."
A. Turner
Guelph, Ontario
"The past year has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I would not have reached so far without your understanding, caring and kindness. Thank you for being my teacher."
F. Toprawalla
Cambridge, Ontario
"The course was very extensive and detailed. I very much enjoyed working with Joy - she promptly answered all my emails and questions. The course was everything I expected!"
M. Martishius, R.N.
Newnan, Georgia
"I am very happy with the instructor (Joy). All my questions were answered promptly and in detail. My doubts were always cleared and sometimes she scanned topics that helped me understand concepts better."
N. Kovuru
Omaha, Nebraska
"Very informative - well covered material - would highly recommend for massage therapists!"
D. Dascomb, LMT
Clymer, New York
"I appreciate the fact that the teacher was so quick to respond to my questions."
S. Chevrier
Lachine, Quebec
"I found the course to be extremely thorough and precise as well as interesting and informative. Not dull, dry, boring at all. The instructor was also very accessible and positive."
M. Tordiff
Orono, Ontario
"I feel that I have learned a lot from this course."
D. Turner, RN
Kingston Springs, Tennessee
"Overall the experience has been a wonderful one. The course was laid out in a simple and logical order. The information was clear and concise...I truly feel enriched from taking this course."
T. Swerdon, RMT
Bradford, Ontario
"I appreciate very much how quickly and thoroughly any questions I had were answered via email or phone. Joy, you are a great teacher! Very approachable. I love your sense of humor."
K. Sumner
London, Ontario
"I enjoyed the course tremendously! Joy is a wonderful instructor and has lots of patience."
C. Denison
Cambridge, Ontario
"I feel I couldn't have been trained for aromatherapy by a more competent, caring teacher."
K. Pharoah
Guelph, Ontario
"I enjoyed the course and feel reasonably confident in my knowledge...Overall, it has been a very positive experience and I look forward to spending the rest of my life learning more and helping people feel good."
C. Kelly
Elora, Ontario