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Joy-of-Essence Aroma-Massage Training: Module 3

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Module 3 

Joy-of-Essence Aroma-Massage is an optional part of the Aromatherapy Certification Program and is now available online/virtual for massage therapists or those with massage experience such as Aestheticians. We also provide a hybrid option which includes our online portion with 3 days of in person training in Gananoque, ON.

The “Joy-of-Essence” aroma-massage is a specialized massage treatment of the head and body inducing complete relaxation. Aromatic essential oils are applied during a massage that concentrates on the nerve centres of the back and the face.

An aroma-massage treatment is light, rhythmical and soothing. It is especially beneficial in relieving the effects of stress related complaints as it helps to balance the system and acts as a tonic to the flow of blood and lymph.

This course can be taken at anytime during your aromatherapy certification training or after graduation. Upon successful completion of the course requirements you may choose to establish your own practice or work with other health care or beauty professionals.

Either option is now available on an individual basis. Contact to select your start date after you have purchased the course.